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Trump’s view of Brexit results show he’s only in it for the money

Trump’s view of Brexit results show he’s only in it for the money

“I said this was going to happen, and I think that it’s a great thing. Basically they took back their country.”

Speaking at a news conference in Scotland to push his new Turnberry golf course and resort, Donald Trump, boasting as the perennial narcissistic braggart that he is, lauded British voters’ decision to separate from the European Union in the so-called “Brexit” referendum.

As expected, Trump views the vote as “a great thing” for one primary reason: his own economic self-enrichment. This became abundantly clear when he responded to reporters’ questions regarding the possible effects of the vote on markets:  

“Look, if the pound goes down, they’re [meaning I’m] going to do more business. When the pound goes down, more people are coming to Turnberry, frankly.”

But Mr. Trump, what about the British people? What about the people within the remainder of Europe? Do you give a thought about their economic futures? What about their jobs? What about their incomes?

Have you really thought it through to its logical conclusion? Yes, people outside Europe will find it cheaper to travel throughout Great Britain — well at least until Scotland and Northern Ireland decide to abandon Great Britain and join with the remaining European Union nations.

But what about your business holdings in the United States, Mr. Trump, as Europeans realize how increasingly more expensive it will be to travel to your resorts, golf courses, and casinos on your own shores, or in buying your son’s wine?

The Donald’s frankness at the press conference in Scotland has only solidified the longstanding speculation that he has campaigned to occupy the White House not to actually serve in the high office of President, but rather, for the sole purpose of lining his own pockets.

As nativist, xenophobic, right-wing politicians throughout Europe, and most notably in Britain, campaigned to separate from the European Union to “protect” borders by building walls, both figuratively and literally, Trump has long seen the sweeping tide of nationalism, and he has employed similar nativist, xenophobic, right-wing rhetoric as the corner-stone of his crusade to “make America great again.”

Trump has run merely to increase his brand. As his visibility raises, he can raise the fees and rents on his properties, and negotiate more lucrative agreements on future deals, especially with countries whose currencies are in decline. He has also profited enormously on his cheaply-made tacky red Trump baseball caps, and increased profits on his over-hyped Trump books. He intends to bring out his so-called Art of the Deal in a second edition.

In retrospect, we will soon view former Vice President Dick Cheney’s ties to the Halliburton corporation in the category of a connection to a child’s street-corner lemonade stand compared with Donald Trump’s conflict of interest with his business holdings, should he become President.

Maybe one day the entire world will see what many already clearly understand: Donald Trump promotes his worthless brand of snake oil to an increasingly angry and fearful electorate for his own personal gain. The tragedy is that he has had some degree of success.

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