5 tips for coming out from YouTube vlogger couple Hunter and Tyler

hunter and tyler coming out advice
YouTube vlogger couple Hunter and Tyler, via Tyler Matl's Instagram. Photo: Tyler Matl Instagram

YouTube vloggers Hunter Herring and Tyler Matl came out together in April with a video titled, “Coming Out With My Boyfriend,” which after not quite three months has already been viewed over 60,000 times.

The couple released a new video, below, “Coming Out Advice,” which features them offering tips to others who wish to live openly.

Their advice includes cautioning anyone who is not ready or able to come out, either because it might jeopardize their living situation or if they have not decided fully that they wish to be out, then the time probably is not right.


Herring tells viewers to make sure they are ready because “there really is no going back.”

Even if you are ready and feel your family and friends are ready, it is important to pick the right time, Matl stresses. Start with people who are more likely to be supportive, Herring says.

Herring and Matl have been in a relationship for two years and had large social media followings separately before launching a shared YouTube account with their coming out video. Watch it below.

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