This PR firm is using the Orlando victims to push a stupid novel

Ascot Media Group is the worst PR shop in the nation today. Maybe this week. Maybe forever.

The firm sent me a pitch using the victims of the Orlando massacre to try to get me to write about some guy’s shitty novel about a domestic terrorist. The book is two years old.

This was my reply. You can read their entire email on page two. I left a review of the firm on their Facebook page. Maybe I should call them at (281) 333-3507 to express my outrage too. That’s the number listed on their website, after all.

Sadly, they may be the first out the door with this kinda thing, but they likely won’t be the last.

Are you seriously sending me a pitch that uses the victims of a massacre as the hook?

Are you seriously sending me a pitch that not only uses the victims to sell a goddamn book, but erases the fact that the victims were LGBT and Latino in favor of framing it as an ISIS attack?

Are you seriously sending me a pitch that not only ignores the existence of our friends and family that died in that attack, but then worries that churches – where the attacker learned his anti-LGBT views – will be the next target and THAT should be our worry (so buy his book!)?

And finally, are you sending me all of this horrifically offensive garbage to sell a novel – a work of fiction – and linking to the news station (FOX) that has given all sorts of Republican assholes a platform to claim that our marriage will “irrevocably harm” society, that transgender people will rape your child in restrooms, and that our love is equal to dogs having sex?

The bodies aren’t even cold and you’re trying to use them as a prop to sell a shitty novel. Fuck you. Fuck him. And fuck Ascot Media Group.

Never email me again.


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