Janet Jackson’s emotional musical tribute to Orlando victims

Setting music to a collage of the faces of the victims at Pulse has been done and done many times over since they first appeared, but a Janet Jackson fan took that idea to the next level with a reworked music video tribute to those killed Sunday in Orlando, Fla.

Lyrics from her 2015 hit song, “Shoulda Known Better” seem to fit perfectly with the mood of the community and the nation:

Part of the revolution
Ready for real solutions
We won’t accept excuses
We tolerate no abuses
Cause I don’t want my face to be
That poster child for being naive
Why why why why
I guess I shoulda known better

That avid Jackson fan, Lamont Hicks, was the one who initially posted the video online on Monday, according to Entertainment Weekly. Jackson then shared it via Twitter with the caption “You’ll never be forgotten. #WeAreOrlando #Unbreakable.”

The video features photos of the victims and clips of relatives from news coverage, as well as President Obama explaining to a gun enthusiast that common sense gun control doesn’t mean overturning the Second Amendment to the Constitution.

Watch the video on Vimeo, below:


Shoulda Known Better – Unofficial Lyric Video – Janet Jackson (A Tribute To The Victims of the Orlando Shooting) from ithl23 on Vimeo.




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