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Gay man accused of tweeting threats against GOP senators after Orlando

Virginia man Kyler Schmitz is accused of threatening to shoot at least two U.S. senators, including Missouri Republican Sen. Roy Blunt, in the days immediately following the Orlando shooting.

“I admire how your brains are going to splatter across the room when I shoot you in the face…” Schmitz, 28, is said to have tweeted from his account @Chirperson, which is now suspended.

death threat roy blunt
A tweet sent by Schmitz threatening Sen. Roy Blunt. Twitter/@Chirperson

Gawker shows Schmitz tweeted to the official House Republicans (@HouseGOP) and Senate Republicans (@SenateGOP) Twitter accounts, saying, “I can’t wait to shoot you in the face one by one.”

U.S. Capitol Police were reportedly tipped off after a tweet to Blunt which read, “I’m going to shoot you in the head for allowing someone to murder my loved ones,” according to a federal complaint.

“I am literally going to buy a gun shoot you in the face I watch your brains splat #BangBangByeB—-,” another tweet is said to have read.

Testimony delivered Monday claims that Schmitz is not a gun owner.

Authorities used an automated license plate reader to track down his car, which they found within two blocks of the U.S. Capitol.

Schmitz admitted during an interview with Capitol Police to “purposefully” sending the tweet, which he said was intended to be a “direct threat,” according to an affidavit, Politico reports.

He also admitted to talking to another individual on Twitter about purchasing a gun, but was unsuccessful, the document says.

Schmitz acknowledged sending the tweets according to his fiancé, Paul Cianciolo, who told WRC-TV that the tweets were meant as “parody” and satire.

The messages were “inartful political discourse” on the issue of gun control, according to Schmitz’s defense attorney. Judge Theresa Buchanan saw things differently.

“I don’t know how to read these tweets in any way but as threatening,” she said.

Judge Buchanan ordered Schmitz into home detention, in the custody of his aunt, according to The Washington Blade. He has also been prohibited from using Twitter and must stay away from Washington D.C. He also must undergo mental health testing and treatment.

Schmitz made his living as an Uber driver, but was cut off from driving for them, The Washington Post reports, as soon as the company learned of the threats.

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