Caitlyn Jenner is smoking hot on the cover of Sports Illustrated

Caitlyn Jenner just made Donna Summer happy, because she is definitely hot stuff on the cover of Sports Illustrated‘s latest double issue. She may have worn less clothing for her big reveal on the cover of Vanity Fair, but this isn’t the swimsuit issue, it’s an in-depth profile of the transgender Olympian and Jenner’s look is just as serious as her career on the field.

Sports Illustrated released a multi-platform retrospective yesterday of Caitlyn Jenner’s 1976 gold medal-winning decathlon performance at the Montreal Olympic Games. The special includes the premiere of the film “Jenner: 40 Years After Gold,” as well as an in-depth profile of the Olympian and the reveal of Jenner on the new cover wearing her gold medal.

“I loved Bruce,” Jenner told the magazine. “I still love him today. I like what he did and the way he set an example for hard work and dedication. I’m proud of that part of my life. But this woman was living inside me, all my life, and it reached the point where I had to let her live and put Bruce inside. And I am happier, these last 12 months, than I’ve ever been in my life.”

“The decathlon… was the perfect distraction. My life was distraction after distraction after distraction. Being a macho male was a way for me to try to convince myself that the woman living inside of me really isn’t living inside me… Obviously, it didn’t work.”

Watch the Sports Illustrated film below. The full cover is on the next page.

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