The top 10 right wing freak outs over trans rights

The top 10 right wing freak outs over trans rights

The right-wing is having an absolute, 4-alarm freak out after discovering that transgender people have been legally using the same bathrooms as them without (real) incident for almost 25 years. They needed this manufactured social crisis since they had to throw in the towel on marriage and hating on LGB people. The results of this spaz attack have alternated between hilariously dumb, to exposing how they hate transgender people enough to encourage abusing children and cold blooded murder. Here are 10 of the worst ways they have freaked out over transgender people in bathrooms.

  1. Impeach Obama!

The White House and the Obama administration have made protecting transgender people an issue, including providing guidance via the Department of Education on how transgender students should be treated.  This includes letting transgender children use bathrooms in accordance with their gender identity. Tony Perkins, head of the Family Research Council, responded in a measured, rational way.

Ha. No.

He decided that saying transgender kids should be treated respectfully rises to the level of high crimes and misdemeanors, and Congress should immediately impeach Obama.

Imagine if Obama committed an actual crime, like jay-walking, or spitting out his gum in the grass.

  1. Transgender people caused 9/11

The daughter of evangelical pastor Billy Graham suggested that transgender people caused 9/11 by making God angry enough at America to let the terrorists win. Which begs two questions: does this mean trans people are hot enough to melt steel I-beams? Also, if America is just getting around to accepting transgender people, what sort of a God preemptively punishes people for something they haven’t done yet?

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