Model/actor Antonio Sabato, Jr. is ‘behind Trump 100%’

Model/actor Antonio Sabato, Jr. is ‘behind Trump 100%’

If you’re anything like us, you’ve been anxiously waiting to hear who model/actor Antonio Sabato, Jr. will be voting for.

Fortunately, FOX News is already on the case.

During an interview with Outnumbered, Sabato — who became something of a gay icon after posing in tiny Calvin Klein bikinis and starring in the dreadful gay-themed thriller Testosterone — says he is behind Trump “100%.”

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I think Trump will win New York and he will win California. Then we’ll see in June what happens after that. It’s tough for Trump. His party doesn’t want him. The Democrats don’t want him. But the people want him. At the end of the day the people will vote. I will vote for Trump. I’m behind him 100%… At the end of the day he’s honest. And I cannot trust Cruz. There’s something about him.”

Talking to Entertainment Tonight Canada, the actor also reveals he wants to be Trump’s security guard:

I would love to work his security. I would love to work in his secret service department in the executive protection program…. I like his policies and I like what he can do for this country. This country’s in a mess. I’m liking him as a person and I think he will be a great president.”

So now you know.

Watch the unintentional hilarity here:

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