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JK Rowling calls ‘Execute the gays’ pastor Kevin Swanson an ‘idiot’

JK Rowling calls ‘Execute the gays’ pastor Kevin Swanson an ‘idiot’

Nebbishy, nefarious pastor Kevin Swanson has the general air of a real-life Harry Potter villain.

The fervidly antigay advocate says he would happily “smear feces” all over himself if his son married a man.

He’s also gone on the record numerous times to suggest that all gays should be summarily executed.

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In fact, he’s one of those pastors who believes the Harry Potter franchise turns young folks on to the myriad delights of the black arts, and that all the books and movies are but a gateway drug to lure The Children kicking and screaming into the darkest margins of the occult.

Now, JK Rowling, the always-entertaining author of the series, has addressed his claims — particularly his suggestion that children should be drowned instead of being allowed to read her Satanic novels.

During a speech at the PEN American literary gala, where she accepted a Literary Service Award, Rowling said:

My critics are at liberty to claim that I am trying to convert children to Satanism… and I’m free to explain that I’m exploring human nature and morality. Or to say ‘You’re an idiot,’ depending on which side of the bed I go out on that day.”

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