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DC security guard arrested for assaulting trans woman in restroom

On Wednesday, a security guard was arrested for harassing a transgender woman who was trying to use the ladies’ room in a Washington D.C. grocery store.

WRC-TV reports that the guard, whose name has not been released, was charged with simple assault.

According to reports, he pushed the woman right out of the bathroom.

NBC Washington reports that 32-year-old Ebony Belcher “asked a store employee to point her to the restroom and passed a female security officer standing in the hallway.”

The officer came into the restroom and told her to get out, according to Belcher. “She opened the door and came in and started calling me derogatory names,” Belcher said.

She said the officer put her hand on her shoulder and arm, grabbed her and pushed her out of the store. Belcher said the guard told her, “You guys cannot keep coming in here and using our women’s restroom. They did not pass the law yet.”

The Giant grocery chain said it wouldn’t comment on the situation since it “involves a third party that provides security services for Giant.”

The guard is currently being investigated for apparently uttering a homophobic slur during the incident.

Ironically, there seems to be some confusion as to the security guard’s gender.

WRC reports the guard was a man, but WJLA-TV says it’s a woman.

Watch the ABC News report below:

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