Forget The Duggars: Meet the new antigay, ultra-Christian TLC family

Forget The Duggars: Meet the new antigay, ultra-Christian TLC family
The Roloff family — prominently featured in Little People, Big World — apparently have some antigay members in their ranks.

According to reports, 26-year-old Jeremy Roloff and his 26-year-old wife, Audrey, recently launched Beating 50 Percent, a blog that hopes to “encourage husbands and wives to give more than 50% to the spouse” and “inspire covenant marriages.”

Spirits Wander, a Roloff family-affiliated site, apparently featured an April 7th blog posted by “Audrey Roloff” that is fervidly antigay.

“We are not claiming to be a resource for same-sex marriages,” she reportedly wrote in the comments. “It’s not something we agree with.”

But she clarified that the LGBTQ community may read the blog if they really, truly want to.

We are for opposite-sex marriages that are striving to give more than average to their marriages. To live out the covenant of marriage every day, and to center their marriage around Christ. That being said, know that our content is not written to same-sex marriages, so to say that we don’t offer advice for that side is accurate.”

While sources like Radar are reporting the entry was deleted, it appeared to be on the page when we took a look:

Screen Shot 2016-05-25 at 5.01.50 PM

A guest column by somebody named Anne Bailey is also featured on the site with the choppy headline: “Jeremy and Audrey Roloff Attacked When They say “It is not something we agree with” – Regarding Gay Marriage”

Hey, we said it was choppy.

It begins, menacingly enough, with “My friends, God called on me to write this article.”

But God apparently didn’t bother to edit it:

Their website is filled with resources and personal wisdom, at times making themselves vulnerable for the greater good of inspiring others to have a stronger desire for a better marriage to serve God.

It is filled with positivity and love.

Yet one thing keeps on coming up, no matter how outnumbered they might be, there’s always one or two or three or four comments every few articles.

Homosexuals and members of the gay agenda who decide to hate on Christians, in this case Audrey and Jeremy and their followers.

They actually have accused Jeremy and Audrey of being hateful and bigoted all because they have a website aimed at covenant marriages.

Can you even comprehend that? They were not even speaking ill of the gay marriage and the gay agendas and they were still attacked and insulted for not catering to the gays. They were criticized by these people for not providing dating ideas for two men.

Two devoted Christians cannot even have their own site devoted to Christian marriage that gives glory to Jesus Christ without being called hateful and bigots because they are not talking about gay marriage or gay dating ideas.”

So, there’s that.

And then there’s this:

What an honor to speak alongside this woman at Cultivate Conference. She has such wisdom, passion, ruthlessness, and firey determination to see women become the women God calls them to be. To be women full of fearlessness and wonder, not fearful and wandering. “I believe that the attacks on your life have much more to do with who you might be in the future than who you have been in the past….God is not looking for people who act like Christians. He wants us to be Christians! The word Christian means “anointed or Christlike one.” Jesus did not go around “being good”; he went around “doing good” and releasing all who were oppressed. What has he anointed you to do?” – @lisabevere #cultivatekindness #lionessarising #sandalschurch #cultivatewomen #fightlikeagirl #girlswithswords

A photo posted by Audrey Mirabella Roloff (@audreyroloff) on

This photograph was taken last weekend, after Audrey Roloff spoke at a women’s conference for California’s Sandals Church. Next to her is Lisa Bevere, who’s married to author John Bevere, a Messenger International minister.

John Bevere is passionately opposed to same-sex marriage, as demonstrated in an article he recently penned for Charisma, titled (awkwardly!): “Calling Homosexuality a Sin Is Truth, Not Hatred or Bigotry.”

Here’s an excerpt:

“The Bible’s teaching on human sexuality is clear: The only kind of sexual intimacy Scripture countenances exists between one man and one woman, within marriage.”

h/t: Radar

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