Horrific ISIS video shows ‘gay’ man pushed off roof; another man beheaded

Derek de Koff

Warning: This post features graphic content.

ISIS has released a horrifying new propaganda video that apparently depicts the precise moment a gay man is thrown off the roof.

The footage is quickly followed by another man’s beheading.

The monstrous footage was reportedly released by the terror group under the title “The Voice of Virtue in Deterring Hell.”

As The Mirror reports, the clip consists of a series of jarring scenes, including a man being thrown from a building and then pelted with stones, all because he is allegedly gay.

The next scene features a blindfolded man kneeling on the floor about to be beheaded, and another prisoner with his arms slung across a table as militants get ready to cut off his hands.

The video also features members of ISIS destroying various Christian relics, including pushing a cross off the top of a church.

The video — which The Mirror has heavily censored — can be seen here:

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