Antigay activists want to quash ‘Satanic’ Day of Silence

Antigay activists want to quash ‘Satanic’ Day of Silence

GLSEN’s Day of Silence — a student-led national event that brings attention to anti-LGBT name-calling, bullying, and harassment in schools — is on April 15th, and right on time, antigay activists and the Religious Right are telling parents to keep their children at home and away from school.

On The Day of Silence, students take a vow of silence in solidarity with closeted and bullied LGBTQ youth.

As Right Wing Watch reports, a slew of antigay groups are helping to organize a “Day of Silence Walkout”: the American Family Association, Liberty Counsel, state chapters of Concerned Women for America and the Coalition of African-American Pastors, a front group for the National Organization for Marriage.

Smaller groups participating in the walkout include Scott Lively’s Abiding Truth Ministries, Brian Camenker’s MassResistance, Peter LaBarbera’s Americans for Truth About Homosexuality, and Janet Porter’s Faith 2 Action.

Linda Harvey’s Mission America is asking that parents “actively oppose this hijacking of the classroom for political purposes” by “calling your child out of school if your child’s school allows students and/or teachers to refuse to speak during instructional time on the Day of Silence.”

Writing in WorldNetDaily, Harvey said the Day of Silence is Satanic, Marxist, and a ploy to ruin America:

The “Day of Silence” is a stunning example of the widespread indoctrination of youth culture with trashy, deviant behavior masquerading as acceptable conduct. The GLSEN-sponsored pro-homosexual event is a well-developed exercise in cultural Marxism and, I have come to believe, a tragic symbol of the rapid demise of America.

And ironically, it poses as a protest of “bullying.” Satan is laughing as he messes with the minds and bodies of our dear children. This event is a blatant exercise in mental, emotional, physical and spiritual molestation as our children become apologists for sodomy and gender confusion.

Harvey suggests the best way to cope is by pretending gay, bisexual, lesbian, and transgender people simply don’t exist on this Earthly plane:

What if we declared that there are, or shouldn’t be, any such students? That no one is born this way? That these are destructive behaviors that no conference should ever, ever be detailing to our precious kids? And these are identities that no day of silence should ever honor?

On a radio broadcast yesterday, she opined that “it’s a really sad situation when impressionable kids are manipulated” by people who “promote homosexuality and gender confusion.”

Speaking about homosexuality, she said “no one, especially young people, should take on this identity and behavior.”

As Right Wing Watch reports, Harvey suggests events like these only persecute opponents of gay rights.

Laurie Higgins of the Illinois Family Institute claims GLSEN wants to silence conservatives:

They’re exploiting legitimate, anti-bullying sentiment to achieve their ultimate goal of eradicating conservative, moral, social, and political beliefs about homosexuality, or at least silencing them,” she adds.

She says parents who keep their children home on that day should tell school administrators they’re doing so because schools participating in Day of Silence are allowing classrooms with captive audiences to be politicized.”

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