Three football players charged with violating 14-year-old boy with broomstick on ‘No Gay Thursday’

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Three senior football players at a suburban Philadelphia high school are accused of assaulting a freshman on what the team called “No Gay Thursday.”

District Attorney Tom Hogan said Friday that three 17-year-old students at Conestoga High School held down a 14-year-old boy on Oct. 15 and assaulted him with a broom handle.

The three are charged as juveniles with assault and other crimes.

Hogan says the 14-year-old was arrogant about being on the varsity team as a freshman and other players didn’t like it.

He says the assault occurred after underclassmen were told to strip to their underwear and clean the team locker room.

The prosecutor says the 14-year-old stripped to his boxers, but when he decided he wanted no further part of it, he was attacked.

According to Chester County District Attorney Tom Hogan, the freshman Conestoga High School student screamed in pain as the three seniors assaulted him.

While hazing is considered a crime in Pennsylvania, it’s only considered a crime in colleges — not high schools.

The football coach John Vogan was promptly suspended from all duties once charges were announced.

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