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This frat boy hurled antigay slurs at his Uber driver. Now, he’s the star of a viral video.

This frat boy hurled antigay slurs at his Uber driver. Now, he’s the star of a viral video.

After racking up over 30,000 views since being posted on March 23, a video of a University of Michigan frat boy shouting antigay slurs at his Uber driver has gone viral.

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Oddly enough, it was filmed by the Uber driver in question, and yet the unnamed student let his hatred gush unstoppered:

You’re canceling us again, why? For what? See they don’t give a sh*t about you. They don’t give two f*cks. There’s 50 of you. There’s one of me who spends the most money here, you little f*ck. Yeah, f*ck you, Arthur, you little faggot f*ck. You wanna kick me off? Kick me off, you little piece of sh*t. You’re an Uber driver, go f*cking drive you little f*ck. Minimum wage faggot, go f*ck yourself. See you later. Go pick up another f*ck. You working all day? Guess what? I’m going to go sit on my a** and watch TV. F*ck you.”

According to Michigan Live:

The driver, Artur Zawada, said in a comment posted on the video over the weekend that he has been harassed by the Uber rider and his friends repeatedly. He said he previously told the rider that he was requesting that Uber ban him, but said the man uses other people’s accounts.

“For that I was falsely accused, called names etc,” he wrote. “4th time… Rider knew from Uber application who is the driver. He had option to cancel to avoid any issues but he/they proceeded to abuse, harass, belittle and provoke like kindergarten thugs.”

Ann Arbor police Detective Lt. Robert Pfannes said authorities are aware of the incident and a report was filed with the department.

University of Michigan spokesman Rick Fitzgerald said in an email that the university is waiting on the police report ahead of any further steps by the university in the matter.

The dean of students met with both the Uber driver and the students involved last week, he said.

Watch the video below:

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