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This couple was banned from prom and suspended for complaining. Then a local TV station stepped in.

All Raymond Tullier, a high school junior, and his boyfriend Nicholas Newport, a sophomore, wanted was to go to their school prom together, drink punch and dance with their friends.

But when assistant principal Lindy Gill got wind of their plans, she immediately revoked their tickets.

Tuillier and Newport attend The French Settlement High School, a public school in Livingston Parish, LA with approximately 400 students.

On Friday, Gill, a devout Baptist and member of an online club called “I found JESUS,” told the boys that same-sex couples attending the prom together was “against school regulations,” though the school’s official handbook makes absolutely no mention of this.

But it gets worse.

Because after Gill denied the boys tickets to the dance, she suspended one of them.

Tullier sent a text message to his mother, Tamblie Babin, about what happened. She, in turn, called Gill to ask why her son and his boyfriend being denied entry to the prom.

“She said they didn’t allow same sex going to prom together,” Babin told WBRZ-TV, “it was against school regulations.”

Immediately after getting off the phone with Babin, Gill called Tullier into her office and suspended him for using his cell phone during school hours to text his mother for help.

After everything was said and done, the school ultimately allowed the boys to purchase tickets and attend the prom, which was held over the weekend.

Meanwhile, Livingston Parish School Superintendent, John Watson, called for an investigation into the matter.

According to the official handbook, “bullying of any kind, including cyberbullying, will not be tolerated and will be subject to disciplinary action.”

After Baton Rouge television station WBRZ covered the story, the high school changed its stance, allowing the gay teens to show up to event.

When the station rang up John Watson, the Livingston Parish school superintendent, he said he absolutely would not allow anyone in the district to be discriminated against.

And so the boys (who, it should be noted, had already bought their matching tuxedos) were finally informed that yes, they were indeed allowed to attend the school event.

h/t: WBRZ-TV

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