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Pat Robertson: ‘NFL players will never get same-sex marriage’

Pat Robertson: ‘NFL players will never get same-sex marriage’

Doddering creepshow Pat Robertson has somehow mustered up the energy to open those crackling, tremulous lips to once again rail against LGBTQ rights, this time commenting on the NFL’s opposition to Georgia’s proposed antigay bill (which the governor is going to veto.)

Leering and inchoate, Robertson squinted into the cameras and said, “These guys are supposed to be tough warriors in the NFL. Why are they suddenly going out to boycott a state because of some alleged offense against homosexual marriage? These NFL players are not going to get same-sex marriage, you wouldn’t think. What is going on with those people?”

He also stated that he’s most displeased that “we are making a protected class out of somebody that, you know, for centuries have been on the edges of society, and now suddenly it has become the big deal.”

One of the bill’s supporters — the rapidly sketched caricature of intolerance we call state Senator Greg Kirk — donned his finest star-spangled bow-tie and told Pat Robertson’s news network that religious liberty won’t exist in Georgia unless the bill is immediately signed into law.

He also claimed that “in the other twenty-one countries that have passed same-sex laws, it has squelched the First Amendment rights of many of those citizens.”

In more important news, we have the sneaking suspicion Kirk insisted the American flag was in frame in order to color-coordinate his goddamn bow-tie:Screen Shot 2016-03-28 at 1.34.13 PM

h/t: Right Wing Watch

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