New ‘STD check’ ad parodies Bernie Sanders campaign

Derek de Koff

Joe My God reader sent the blogger the above image, taken of a brand new billboard from The AIDS Healthcare Foundation.

It’s a worthy follow-up to their controversial billboards in September, which none so subtly linked popular dating apps with the spread of sexually transmitted diseases.

Billboards show a silhouette of a man labeled "Tinder" face-to-face with a woman's silhouette labeled "chlamydia." A silhouette of a man labeled "Grindr" faces a male silhouette labeled "gonorrhea."

And since it seems we’re on the subject of provocative billboard ads, let’s not forget Hornet, the company that in November mounted a billboard promoting their hook-up app directly across the street from the venue where the fourth Republican presidential primary debate took place. Bold:

This Billboard was erected right across from Milwaukee Theatre, where the venue for the fourth Republican presidential primary debate took place on Tuesday night.

Personally, we’ll take any of these billboard campaigns over the work of Dick and Betty Odgaard — the Christian couple from Iowa who decided to shut down their wedding chapel after refusing to host a gay wedding — who are hoping to erect 1,000 (badly designed) billboards that oppose gay marriage:

“This billboard is funded 100% by your generous donations,” the Odgaards typed into the Facebook page of their new tax-exempt charity, God’s Original Design Ministry.

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