Does Adele’s hit single “Hello” make light of sexual harassment?

Does Adele’s hit single “Hello” make light of sexual harassment?

Anyone who’s ever set foot in a liberal arts school should experience a shudder of recognition with this one.

The University of Oklahoma’s Gender + Equality Center is claiming Adele’s song “Hello” is helping to “normalize sexual harassment.”

A series of posters recently circulated through campus, calling out the single’s verse: “I must have called a thousand times.”

The Director of the Gender + Equality Center says she chose the song to highlight “Stalking Awareness Month,” which is apparently a thing now. And was apparently in January, so we missed it.

Kathy Moxley hopes this tactic will raise awareness around an issue that — much like a stalker — is too often ignored and ignored.

“To begin a much needed conversation about harassment on college campuses, the University of Oklahoma Gender + Equality Center used popular songs that students listen to, to attract students’ attention and to bring awareness to subtle messages in popular song lyrics,” Kathy Moxley told FOX411.

“The music examples were used to demonstrate how aspects of popular media could be interpreted to normalize unhealthy relationship behaviors.”

Another poster used lyrics the Maroon 5’s song, “Animals: “Baby, I’m preying on you tonight. Hunt you down eat you alive.”

Very frightening, indeed.

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