Archie comics reveals Jughead is asexual

Jughead, the perennial Archie comics favorite of hamburger lovers everywhere, is casually outed as asexual in an issue released today. The revelation comes on the heels of the series’ first gay character and other updates to reboot the comic with a more modern feel.

Jughead earned his own comic book as part of the reboot. Today’s release is the fourth installment. The first story arc to the series involves a new principal at the characters’ high school and Jughead’s sexual orientation is mentioned as part of the tale’s background.

Writer Chip Zdarsky talked to about the new series shortly before its premiere. Zdarksy points out why the character got his own series and how his asexuality will play into the storyline.

“He’s the one character who can easily shift to the outside looking in,” Zdarsky said. “A teenager who’s comfortable with himself, smarter than he appears, feeling more deeply than he lets on.”

“For the stories it’s good to have someone not as mired in the hormonal teen romances, and it adds to that ‘outsider-looking-in’ quality I talked about before.”

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