‘The Wiz’ blasted as racist for its all-black cast

‘The Wiz’ blasted as racist for its all-black cast

As is all too often the case, the internet needs to better utilize its Googling powers.

Social media are now up in arms over the all-black version of The Wiz set to air on NBC tonight, calling it racism. And reverse-racism.


The Wiz, of course, is the landmark 1975 Broadway musical that has a killer 1978 film adaptation starring Michael Jackson, Diana Ross, Lena Horne and Richard Pryor, among others.

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It was written to feature an all-black cast, and based on The Wizard of OZ.

That other musical also got a film version you might recall. It features an all-white cast.


But according to some very misguided Tweeters, NBC’s Wiz is totally racist.

Check out the logic:







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