‘Rape is non-existent in marriage. Take what you want.’

‘Rape is non-existent in marriage. Take what you want.’

Rep. Jonathan Stickland recently bragged about getting an “F” on his voting record for LGBTQ rights.

Now, the right-wing Texas state representative has come under considerable fire for claiming marital rape is a myth.

The Quorom Report reveals that Stickland wrote that “rape is non existant in marriage, take what you want my friend!” in a sports forum back in 2008.

The old post was retrieved by his political opponent Scott Fisher in March.

Stickland has apologized to The Texas Observer for the post.

“I do not feel that way today,” he says. “I can only repent and ask for forgiveness from the people it offended and hurt. Rape is serious and should never be joked about the way that I did regardless of my age.”

Posts dating back to 2001 also find Stickland seeking out a “smoking buddy” who likes to “smoke da green.”

Stickland’s response to those posts:

“Anyone who knows my testimony, my family, friends, and many supporters, are [sic] aware that I smoked marijuana in high school and my early collegiate years. Let me even go a step further and say that during that time I wasted much of life, said and did things I wish I hadn’t. But by the Grace of God my past sins are forgiven.”

“Ted Cruz, Jeb Bush and I have all smoked marijuana. I never grew marijuana,” he added. “But I hope and pray that my daughters never make the mistake I made, and that, if they do fail, they know of the forgiveness readily available.”

Despite posts that were discovered in 2012 in which Stickland endorses same-sex marriage, he now claims to be against it.

From his website: “The family is the foundation of every society and I believe it is under attack. I believe marriage is between a man, a woman and God. These are fundamental principles and are essential in maintaining strong families in our state.”

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