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In alleged hate crime, man brutally beaten inside his home on Christmas

A Virginia man who was savagely attacked over the holiday weekend says he’s “so very thankful to be alive.”

Robert Drew Inge claims he’s the victim of a hate crime after he was brutally beaten inside his own home on Christmas night.

“I was thrown into my bathtub, and stomped in the face and jaw over and over while being called a ‘fa**ot,’” Inge wrote on Facebook.

He said the attacker, a man he barely knew, tackled him from behind and “slammed my fingers on my right hand into the door, breaking them and ripping them open.”

“I was attacked, beaten, held against my will, stabbed in the face with a metal object and am now recovering,” Inge added on Instagram.

Inge works as a hairdresser. As a result of the incident, he says he will likely be out of work for weeks.

“I won’t be able to work as one of the injuries I sustained was my fingers I use to cut hair being crushed,” he wrote. “I don’t know the extent of damage done to my fingers but I will be back to do hair in a few weeks hopefully, and I won’t let anything stop me.”

He also said he will need “dental work to have teeth that were stomped out of my face fixed.”

Inge has launched a fundraising page to help raise money to cover his medical bills and living expenses until he can go back to work.

He says his attacker, who has not been named, was arrested on various charges.

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