Ellen Page: Being in the closet was ‘toxic’

Ellen Page Shutterstock

During an interview with Stephen Colbert to discuss her new film Freeheld, Ellen Page talked about her time in the closet, saying that “it is not a nice place to be… it is toxic.”

“I feel so grateful to feel how I feel now compared to how I felt when I was a closeted person. I wish that no one had to live that way.”

She claims that she was “sad” before coming out publicly: “I wish that no one had to live that way.”

Discussing people who are antigay and peg it as “religion conviction,” she says, “Religious freedom is so, so important. But what’s unfortunate is that religious liberty has been used to justify discrimination.”

The reason she thinks most people are worried about socially accepting the LGBT community?

“They haven’t had any interaction with LGBT people.”

Her new film, based on a true story, revolves around about a police officer’s fight to allow her pension benefits to be transferred to her same-sex domestic partner (Julianne Moore) after she’s been diagnosed with terminal cancer.

Check out the interview below:

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