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These straight men absolutely love getting hit on by gay guys

There are definitely some evolved straight guys out there. And plenty who could stand to evolve yet further.

Here’s some recent chatter on Whisper to prove that point.

Men using the flirtations of gay guys as a mere self-esteem boost certainly aren’t helping anyone at the end of the day.

But you can’t argue that it’s a whole lot better than virulent homophobia. Baby steps.

Here’s what guys are saying:

So many gay guys apologize for hitting on me once they find out I

Gay guys hit on me rather often, but I


I wish straight girls would give me as much attention as gay guys. Lol


It doesn


Hearing a compliment from a gay guy means the world to me. Even though I

Whenever I



A a straight guy, gay guys hit on me more often than women. I

I don

I don


I absolutely love it when gay men hit on me, even though I

Even though I

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