Paris terror fugitive was spotted in Brussels’ gay bars before the attacks

Paris terror fugitive was spotted in Brussels’ gay bars before the attacks
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It’s reported that a fugitive terrorist — who’s still on the run after the Paris massacre — was trawling several gay bars in Brussels mere days before the coordinated attacks.

26-year-old Salah Abdeslam, who’s currently being hunted by special forces, was a regular visitor to the city’s gay village.

Hours of CCTV footage from bars in central Brussels (an area known as “Jacques Quarter”) is being scoured by security services.

Bar owners are being questioned as officers try to determine whether he was scoping out potential targets or hoping to steal customer’s identification and documents.

“In these crowded bars people feel open and relaxed,” says an anonymous source. “Stealing wallets would not be a difficult thing to do. A lot of ID cards and driving licenses were stolen over the period he was there, but it may have been he wanted to launch a terror attack.”

Salah was a getaway driver for one of the suicide squads during last Friday’s attack.

He swore he’d never give himself up after being spotted in Brussels.

A contact claims he was blindfolded and led to the terrorist at his bolthole on Tuesday evening, which is believed to be somewhere in the Molendeek district.

“I met Salah on Tuesday night,” said the anonymous source. “He is here in Brussels but not for long. He told me that he had gone too far. He is now overwhelmed by what happened and cannot give himself up because there will be consequences for his family.”

Abdeslam allegedly told the source that he’d rented both an apartment in Paris and the cars used in Friday’s attacks. He confessed he was the getaway driver in a Seat Leon — along with his brother Ibrahim and another French suspect — but denied being one of the shooters, insisting his role in the attack was to simply make French contacts on behalf of the gang.

On Thursday, it was reported that Abdeslam is a gambling addict, and visited the main casino in Brussels over 20 times in months leading up the attack.

While playing the tables, he apparently had a string of one-night stands.

After being fired from his job as a bus driver, Abdeslam was reportedly radicalized in January 2011.

Anti-terror units continue hunting the man known as Public Enemy Number One.


h/t: The Mirror

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