Five important facts about Martin Shkreli and the Daraprim drama


The above graphic is from a Washington Post analysis of pharmaceutical price gouging in the U.S. Shkreli is just one guy in a large crowd of investors making money off of this scheme. As for CorePharma’s hefty profits as shown in that graphic, there’s no word on what they accomplished with using the money they “raised for research” in advancing toxoplasmosis treatments, if anything.

4. Only patients in the United States pay the price of $750 per pill.

5. Shkreli was already famous in the millionaire world, long before the Daraprim scandal. Having been labeled “a boy genius” for his investment intuition, his first job was as an intern on Jim Cramer’s TV show Mad Money before he branched out on his own. Prior to creating his current company, Turing Pharmaceuticals, through which he bought Daraprim, he had created a similar company called Retrophin, where he was CEO. But he landed in the news in 2014 when he was fired (yes, fired from the company that he created for himself) due to his sheisty business practices, and now he is now under federal investigation for insider trading and fraud. Donald Trump has referred to Shkreli as “a spoiled brat.”

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