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This fitness champ doesn’t want “sexually sick” gay “perverts” to ogle him

This fitness champ doesn’t want “sexually sick” gay “perverts” to ogle him
Jerome Michael Nayanah
Jerome Michael Nayanah

Bodybuilding champion Jerome Michael Nayanah wants to world to know he doesn’t like gay people.

The popular Durban fitness pro received criticism last week after launching into a antigay tirade on Facebook, calling gay people “sexually sick perverts” and blaming them for the spread of HIV.

In the post, Nayanah, who likes to post racy pictures of himself on Instagram, said he was responding to someone who allegedly published pictures and contact info for him on a gay website without his consent. As a result, he claims he received “hundreds of calls” from gay men who wanted to “hook up,” some of whom went so far as to send him dirty pictures.

“Again, someone has put my details and pics on a sex website and my phone has been ringing, non stop,” Nayanah seethed. “They are mostly homosexuals.”

He went on to say that gay men spread HIV, are “not normal,” “promiscuous,” “disgusting,” and are “sexually sick perverts” that “need Jesus.”

After the post went viral, the fitness champ tried claiming his profile had been hacked, but this doesn’t quite jive with what the owner of Ultimate Fitness Durban, where Nayanah works, said Monday.

In a statement, the company claimed “Jerome has been targeted for months by a few bad apples in the gay community and the built up frustration led to an outburst on social networking. Some of the statements made were harsh but [were] due to 1st [sic] hand experience of the persistence of certain gay men on well sculpted straight men.”

The statement continued: “As for people being labelled homophobic, I don’t see how straight men who are frustrated by gay men persistantly [sic] pursuing them are quickly labelled homophobic.”

Nayanah’s Facebook profile has since been deleted.

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