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Staver: Gay juvenile offenders were sexually abused

Staver: Gay juvenile offenders were sexually abused
Mat Staver
Mat Staver

Right Wing Watch reports that Liberty Counsel’s Mat Staver thinks the gay young people in Kentucky’s juvenile justice system need to hear the gospel, because chances are they were molested.

On the “Faith and Freedom” radio program, Staver discusses The Kentucky Department of Juvenile Justice’s policy, which prohibits “staff and volunteers from discriminating against youth based on sexual orientation or gender identity,” and explained why Liberty Council thinks the policy “creates an unconstitutional, religious litmus test.”

“There’s a lot of young boys that are in the juvenile facilities who have been sexually abused by other men, and some of them, obviously the blame themselves — that’s a typical reaction of some young boy or girl who has been sexually abused, they oftentimes blame themselves, unfortunately — and they carry that guilt that they were responsible. They question whether God could have allowed this, why would He allow this? They question whether there is even forgiveness for them because they think this is the normal way of living and as they were abused, they need to abuse somebody else, so they’ve gotten involved in different kinds of activities that are harmful to themselves, which ultimately led them to why they’re in the juvenile detention center.”

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