Sportscaster Craig James sues Fox Sports for firing him over antigay remarks

Craig James AP

Craig JamesAP

Craig James

Football commentator Craig James, a former NFL player, has decided to sue Fox Sports — two years after they fired him for anti-gay remarks he made at a rally, including his opinion that being gay “is a choice” and that gay people “will have to answer to the lord for their actions.”

“People choose to be gay,” he’s quoted as saying. “I think it’s a choice; I do. God’s going to judge each of us in this room for our actions.” He thinks “we should not give benefits to gay people” and that the Boy Scouts are “going to have to answer” to God.

James told right-wing website Breitbart that he was fired for “beliefs over marriage. This is very troubling to an employee when your boss holds you against something you said about your belief system nearly eighteen months before you were recruited and hired.”

Breitbart argues that by firing James, Fox Sports violated the Texas Commission on Human Rights Act (TCHRA).

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