Larry Kramer: Boycott the ‘Stonewall’ boycott

Scene from 'Stonewall,' or opening night audience? Derek de Koff

A scene from 'Stonewall'

A scene from ‘Stonewall

don’t listen to the crazies. for some reason there is a group of “activists” that insists on maintaining their prime importance and participation during this riot. unfortunately there seems no one left alive to say “it wasnt that way at all”, or “who are or where the f**k were you.” as with so much history there is no way to “prove” a lot of stuff, which allows artists such as yourself (and me I might add) to take essences and attempt to find and convey meaning and truth. i sincerely hope this boycott your film sh*t peters out. we are not dealing with another “Cruising” here. keeping your film from being seen is only hurting ourselves. good luck and thank you for your passion.

— Larry Kramer, writing in the comments sections of a recent Facebook post by activist Peter Staley

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