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Activists: Gays are leading us to the downfall of civilization

Frank Gaffney
Frank Gaffney

Right Wing Watch reports that Frank Gaffney hosted Adm. James “Ace” Lyons on his “Secure Freedom Radio” program last week. Lyons is a former commander of the U.S. Pacific Fleet who constantly attends right-wing conferences to promote his anti-gay views.

When asked about The Pentagon’s plan to allow transgender people to serve in the military, Lyons called the idea “pure nonsense” and said that “transgender is not a civil rights issue, it is a mental disorder.” He then suggested that transgender people simply need treatment to “return to a normal lifestyle.”

Then, paraphrasing late conservative writer Steve Evans, Lyons says “the gay, lesbian, transgender lifestyle is nothing but a return to a pagan ethic… which has led to the downfall of previous civilizations.

“Well,” Gaffney responded, “it would certainly seem on its face to be incompatible with a warrior and a successful military.”

Listen to the broadcast below:

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