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21-year-old Scottish trans activist found dead

Scottish trans advocate Danielle Robins
Scottish trans advocate Danielle Robins Facebook

Pink News reports that an outspoken trans activist was found dead in her apartment last Sunday, shortly after friends became worried about her.

Danielle Robins was president of Abertay University’s LGBT Society, and had recently spoken of her plans to help the transgender community gain equal rights.

Speaking to the Evening Telegraph, she said, “We plan to focus on education to eliminate prejudice and discrimination, both at the university and throughout Dundee. we want to create an environment in which LGBT people feel safe, secure, and confident enough to report any cases of discrimination.”

Her mother Cath Ollenberg spoke of her child to The Tab, saying, “My heart hurts so much I am so proud of all you achieved in your short life. Goodnight my sweetpea, you took a piece of my heart with you so we will never be apart.”

A spokesman for Abertay University said, “She was an active and popular president of Abertay Students Association’s LGBT society, fully committed to eliminating prejudice and creating a fairer, more tolerant society.”

The cause of death has not yet been determined, though there’s no suspicion of foul play.

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