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Homophobic nurse tries to discourage birth mom from allowing gay couple to adopt child



Andy Miller and his partner were having a dream come true: They were about to be parents, and sooner than they realized.

We talked to [the birth mother] on Tuesday. On Wednesday we made a plan to drive down to San Antonio to meet her for dinner, meet her and her family. It went very well. By the time we got back to Austin, we were told that she had picked us, and then on Thursday we were invited to come back down, because she was having a sonogram to figure out the sex of the child.

Within just a week their baby boy was born.

While the birth mother was resting with the baby, Andy and his partner took a break from the hospital to get some food. When they returned, they had a flurry of phone messages from the mother, crying and urging them to get back soon. A nurse had been questioning her about her decision to let a gay couple adopt her baby.

“Aren’t you afraid those boys are gonna hurt that baby? Aren’t you afraid that he’s not gonna grow up and be normal?” asked the nurse.

This is Andy’s true LGBTQ story:

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