All because of the colors on a flag…

All because of the colors on a flag…


I’ve been thinking a great deal about flags the past few days. All this whining from the confederate flag-loving people about southern pride and southern heritage — all because of the colors on a flag.

I’ve read all the whining about how we deviants can buy our rainbow pride flags everywhere and they can’t buy their “rebel” flags any longer.

These people are angry and are “locked and loaded” and ready to start another “war of rebellion” — all because of the colors on a flag.

Blah, Blah, Blah…

You see, I’ve been told that my gay flag is sick and perverted, and that to fly it is a disgrace. I’ve had my brand new car keyed because of the rainbow flag decal I put on my rear window. I’ve had members of my family cringe when I try to hug them — all because of the colors on a flag.

LGBT people have been beaten and hanged and dragged behind cars — all because of colors on a flag. We’ve been spat on and had rocks thrown at us — all because of the colors on a flag. We’ve been denied the basic freedom to marry, and adopt children — all because of the colors on a flag.

We’ve been fired from jobs, discriminated against when it comes to housing and denied promotions — all because of the colors on a flag.

So, I don’t care about your confederate flag — a flag that was part of war against The United States of America. That flag does not represent “southern pride,” it’s a flag that represents a tyrannical government that kept men, women and children enslaved under cruel and oppressive conditions.

It represents a government that raised arms against The United States of America and killed American citizens on American soil.

When my rights as a human being and an American citizen are recognized and equal, I may feel some empathy to you and your confederate flag.

Or, I may not.

But at the moment, I certainly don’t care that you can’t fly it. Or buy it.

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