The Quest for Transgender Equality

Graham Bridgeman
Graham Bridgeman Damon Winter, The New York Times

The New York Times editorial board has launched a new series calling for transgender rights.

As part of the series, The Times editorial board is featuring personal video stories from readers that reflect the strength, diversity and challenges of the community.

Part one of “Transgender Today” focuses on the challenges and road ahead for transgender Americans:

A generation ago, transgender Americans were widely regarded as deviants, unfit for dignified workplaces, a disgrace for families. Those who confided in relatives were, by and large, pitied and shunned. For most, transitioning on the job was tantamount to career suicide. Medical procedures to align a person’s body with that person’s gender identity — an internal sense of being male, female or something else — were a fringe specialty, available only to a few who paid out of pocket.

Coming out meant going through life as a pariah.

Being transgender today remains unreasonably and unnecessarily hard. But it is far from hopeless.

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