Florida bakery may sue Arizona evangelist over anti-gay cake request, recording

Joshua Feuerstein Staff and Wire Reports

Joshua Feuerstein

Joshua Feuerstein

ORLANDO, Fla. — An Arizona man who caused controversy after his request to a Longwood, Fla. bakery to make a cake with an anti-gay marriage message, says he is being unfairly portrayed, while the bakery says it’s considering legal action against him.

Cut the Cake bakery says it has lost business and been harassed since evangelist Joshua Feuerstein posted a video of the bakery’s owner refusing to make a cake that said, “We do not support gay marriage.”

Feuerstein says his intent was to show people have the freedom to refuse service based upon their beliefs. He says he has since removed the video, but the bakery owner’s daughter reposted the video to call attention to Feuerstein’s attack.


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The bakery’s owner said she may pursue criminal charges against Feuerstein for recording the phone call without her consent.

WESH-TV reports that an online fundraising effort has been started to help the bakery recoup lost revenue.

Associated Press contributed to this report.

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