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Illinois human rights agency says evidence of anti-gay prejudice at Exxon

CHICAGO — The Illinois Department of Human Rights says there’s evidence of discrimination at an Exxon Mobil Corp. facility in the state following a gay rights group’s hiring complaint.

Exxon-MobilFreedom to Work’s 2013 complaint says the Texas oil giant was sent two similar resumes for a job in Patoka.

However, one applicant indicated she was a gay-rights activist and had higher grades.

The complaint says Exxon only made efforts to contact the other applicant. The group’s attorneys are pursuing an Illinois Human Rights Commission hearing.

Exxon didn’t return messages Tuesday. Officials have said Exxon prohibits discrimination.

In 2014, Exxon said it would comply with an order requiring protections of federal contractors, but wouldn’t say if corporate policies would be revised.

Last week, Exxon updated policies protecting employees from sexual orientation or gender identity discrimination.

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