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Midterm elections poll: Social issues rank at bottom of voters’ priority lists

Midterm elections poll: Social issues rank at bottom of voters’ priority lists


WASHINGTON — Heading toward the midterm elections, Democrats hold their strongest advantages on issues such as abortion or same-sex marriage, yet these same issues land near the bottom of voters’ priority lists, according to the latest Associated Press-GfK poll.

Asked in an open-ended question to name the most important issue currently facing the U.S., neither issue scored even 1 percent of responses. When asked how important each issue was personally, 43 percent of likely voters ranked abortion an important one, while 32 percent said that about same-sex marriage.

Female likely voters are more likely to call both issues important. On abortion, 47 percent of women consider it important, compared with 38 percent of men, and on same-sex marriage, 35 percent of women say it’s a key issue, compared with 28 percent of men.

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Nine in 10 likely voters in the survey said the economy was an important issue, outpacing rising concerns about terrorism, ongoing concerns about health care, and the social issues that have led to sharp clashes on the campaign trail.

The AP-GfK Poll was conducted Sept. 25-29, 2014, using KnowledgePanel, GfK’s probability-based panel designed to be representative of the U.S. population.

The poll seeks to gauge where voters stand on the top issues in the midterm elections.

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