Canadian family bullied because of their transgender daughter

Isabella Burgos

WINNIPEG, Manitoba — A Canadian family says they are being bullied because their daughter is transgender and the school district isn’t doing enough to stop it.

Isabella Burgos

Isabella Burgos

Izzy and Dale Burgos said ever since eight-year-old Isabella was four, she knew she was a girl inside.

And that’s how she returned to school to start third grade last month — as a transgender girl.

Isabella Burgos said students haven’t been bullying her since she returned to school, but on at least three occasions, a parent has. And now, the Burgos say, the verbal attacks have extended to their son and themselves.

Before the bullying started, the school allowed Isabella to uses the girls’ restroom, but has since changed the rules and is requiring her to use a gender neutral restroom instead.

CBC reports:

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