A letter to the ‘Christian’ mom wishing death for her disabled lesbian daughter


“I started breaking out all over my body and everything hurt. You couldn’t touch me without me screaming,“ Kelly states.  What was first diagnosed as shingles, finally was determined to be Lupus, which was running out of control through Kelly’s body.  She also succumbed to Fibromyalgia and to Lumbar Disc Disease.

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Conditions with the fibroid tumors lead to a full hysterectomy.  Kelly understands that at this point, her mother may have started doing fund raising in her local church.  The funds presumably raised allowed for Kelly’s mother to come down for the operation.  If other funds were raised to help Kelly, Kelly never received them.

Kelly’s heart has been damaged by the Lupus.  She was finally declared Disabled, and is on constant risk for heart attacks.  Financially she was devastated and relies on Leslie for survival.  Half of her disability income goes to pay past medical debt.

Kelly’s aunt was under the impression that money was coming into Kelly from Kelly’s mother and the church.  Kelly decided to have a casual conversation with her mother by phone, tape it, and get confirmation for her aunt that no money was coming Kelly’s way.

The conversation (you listen to it here) did not go as Kelly had planned and instead of an admission that funds had been diverted, Kelly’s mother outlined the plan should Kelly pass away. 

Her exact words were:

“You know Kelly, I tell you what.  If you die before me…you know what, when you get dead, we’re going to go through your house and we are going to strip it, and that girl won’t have a pot to piss in…you little hefer, you have put my life through hell.  Gay shit.  I hate gay shit. I am not going to live my life telling you that I believe in two women being married.  It is not in the Bible, it is a damned SIN!   And I am ashamed you live with a damn woman… You go straight to Hell!  Go to Hell, Bitch!” 

Where other videos speak to the horror of coming out to homophobic parents, this one speaks to the vital need for marriage protection for couples like Kelly and Leslie.

Kelly has not communicated with her mother since.

But I will.

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