Is a gay ‘showmance’ blossoming in the Big Brother house?

Is a gay ‘showmance’ blossoming in the Big Brother house?

Is a gay “showmance” finally blossoming in the Big Brother house?

This year’s very “politically correct” season of CBS’ Big Brother is a far cry from last year’s edition, in which viewers were treated to a seemingly endless display of racist, ethnic, homophobic slurs that resulted in reports of at least two houseguests being fired from their jobs.

Now in its 16th year, Big Brother may finally have its first gay “showmance” — or at least, the closest thing to it.

Houseguests Frankie Grande (self-described internet personality and brother of pop singer Ariana Grande) and Zach Rance (a golf enthusiast from Florida, who says he is straight) are regularly seen sharing intimate moments and admiring each other’s “assets.”

And in one televised segment, houseguest Cody Calafiore recalls that Zach once said he wanted to sleep with Frankie (although he allegedly use more colorful language).

Watch a clip:

If the “Zankie” showmance doesn’t work out, gay viewers may be able to look forward to a budding “bromance” between houseguests Devin Shepherd and Caleb Reynolds. In a segment televised Sunday, Shepherd offered to cuddle with Reynolds, who said he’s in need of some close companionship.

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