Lesbian rapper shares a tribute to her gay uncle

Lesbian rapper shares a tribute to her gay uncle

What is it about gay uncles that makes them almost universally awesome? For Monique Contreras, front lead rapper for a duo called Icy Lytes, it was the fact that her gay uncle was someone she could confide in.

“The first person that I came out to was my uncle, and it was when I was 14 years old. … He said, ‘Oh, OK, thank God.’ … It wasn’t surprising, but it was just a relief. I leave, and he waits for his partner to come home, and he goes, ‘Guess what?’ ‘What? Monique’s gay? She came out?’ And then he said, ‘Yes! The Lord has answered my prayers!’

“And he doesn’t believe in the Lord too much, but he did that day.”

This is Monique’s true LGBTQ story:

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