San Antonio WNBA player Sophia Young speaks out against same-sex marriage

San Antonio WNBA player Sophia Young speaks out against same-sex marriage

SAN ANTONIO, Texas — WNBA player Sophia Young of the San Antonio Silver Stars was among the hundreds of protesters who rallied Tuesday against proposed updates to the city’s non-discrimination ordinance that would add protections on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity.

Young, 29, tweeted a photo of herself on Wednesday from the prior day’s event in which she is holding up a placard reading “Vote No.”

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Along with the photo, Young tweeted the message: “My vote is still No… San Antonio should not allows Same sex marriages” — apparently under the impression that the ordinance would legalize marriage equality in San Antonio.

The message was the second of two tweets on the issue.

Similarly, the earlier tweet said, “Should San Antonio be a city that allows same sex marriage?? I vote NO.”

More than 350 black and Latino ministers and members of their congregations participated in the rally outside City Hall.

Earlier Thursday, former Silver Stars player Tully Bevilaqua, tweeted that she “just lost all respect for a former teammate” in reference to Young’s tweets. She also wrote that she stands up “for my family and equality and fair treatment for all human beings.”

Bevilaqua married her partner earlier this year.

Update: While the WNBA supported Young’s right to speak, The league didn’t condone her viewpoint.

“Sophia has the right to express her point of view, however, I do not share her view,” WNBA president Laurel Richie said in a statement. “The WNBA supports diversity and we are committed to the equal and fair treatment of all people.”

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