Children of gay parents speak out in support of LGBT families (Video)

Staff Reports

In a new video from the Family Equality Council’s “Outspoken Generation,” young people from around the country who were raised by LGBT parents share their experiences of growing up in happy, healthy families.

“Outspoken Generation,” launched in 2012, is designed to empower young adults to raise their voices in support of LGBT families by speaking publicly at community events across the country, in front of local, state and national legislative bodies, and directly to the media.


Zach Wahls, the former University of Iowa student raised by two moms and whose impassioned 2011 testimony in support of marriage equality went viral, is national co-chair of “Outspoken Generation,” along with Ella Robinson, daughter of Episcopal Bishop Gene Robinson, the first openly gay person to be ordained a bishop in a major Christian denomination.

More about the Family Equality Council and “Outspoken Generation” is here.

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