Chicago cab driver kicks gay couple out of taxi for ‘first base’ kiss

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CHICAGO — A gay couple alleges an innocent kiss nearly caused them to be ejected from their cab onto a rain-slicked Kennedy Expressway in Chicago on Thursday night.

Steven White and Matt McCrea said they were on their way home from Chicago O’Hare Airport Thursday night, and during the ride, exchanged a brief kiss, reported WBBM-TV.

McCrea says it was a closed-mouth kiss that lasted all of a second. It did not go over well with their cab driver, the two men said.

The cab driver exited the freeway; local police were called where the couple was dropped in a supermarket parking lot shortly before midnight. The cab driver claimed the couple was “making sex,” but police found no evidence to support that claim.


The couple said they plan to file a complaint, and the Chicago Department of Business Affairs and Consumer Protection, the city’s overseer of cabs, said they’ll investigate any claim against the driver.

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