Westboro Baptist Church blames Boston Marathon bombing on ‘fag marriage’

The Westboro Baptist Church, home of the anti-gay extremists behind the “Gods Hate Fags” and “God hates the World” fundamentalist movement, took to Twitter on Monday evening to blame a bombing attack at the Boston Marathon on the effects of same-sex marriage.

Along with a photo of the aftermath of the bombing, which claimed the lives of three people and injured at least 170 others, Westboro tweeted, “How is that fag marriage idea working out for you, America?!?!”

Based in Topeka, Kan., the Westboro church is not affiliated with the Baptist denomination or any other Baptist church. According to news reports, almost all of its members — fewer than 100 — are related to founder Fred Phelps either by blood or marriage.

The hate group is best known for its protest of the funerals of U.S. service members, and first came into the national spotlight in 1998, when it picketed at the funeral of Matthew Shepard, a 21-year-old gay man who was brutally attacked on the night of October 6, 1998, then tied to a fence and left to die.

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