Peter LaBarbera finds it ‘reassuring’ when gays are affected by STIs, violence

Peter LaBarbera finds it ‘reassuring’ when gays are affected by STIs, violence

Peter LaBarbera of Americans For Truth About Homosexuality spoke to “Coach” Dave Daubenmire last week, telling Daubenmire that he finds it “reassuring” that the gay community is impacted by STIs (sexually transmitted infections) and violence as it confirms to him that “God believes [homosexuality] is an abomination.”

“If it really is a detestable behavior as God says, you’d expect it to be linked disproportionately to disease, we see lots of gay-on-gay violence, domestic violence,” LaBarbera said. “There’s no logic to the liberal left, they are all about doing whatever the homosexual movement wants, it is like spoiled children but nobody wants to say no them.”


UPDATE: LaBarbera posted an “explanation” of his remarks on his website:

“Let me anticipate a homosexual activist criticism of my comments – which of course will be distorted… I am not “reassured” that homosexual men contract so many diseases related to their perversion, in the sense of taking some sort of heartless satisfaction from their suffering. Rather, I am reassured that Nature and the practical realities of the homosexual lifestyle affirm God’s revealed truth about this sin.”

“As I say in the interview, ‘The real world is backing up what the Bible says about homosexuality.’ This should further motivate Christians to lovingly share God’s free gift of salvation through Jesus Christ to people caught up in homosexual behavior.”

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