SF Archbishop: Children will suffer for generations as a result of gay marriage

SF Archbishop: Children will suffer for generations as a result of gay marriage

San Francisco Catholic Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone explains that a U.S.Supreme Court ruling granting same-sex couples the freedom to marry would have horrible consequences “for generations to come.”

Via USA Today:

To legalize marriage between two people of the same sex would enshrine in the law the principle that mothers and fathers are interchangeable or irrelevant, and that marriage is essentially an institution about adults, not children; marriage would mean nothing more than giving adults recognition and benefits in their most significant relationship.

How can we do this to our children?


Why has virtually every known civilization across time and history recognized the need to bring together men and women to make and raise the next generation together? Clearly something important is at stake, or human beings of such different cultures, histories and religions would not come up with the basic idea of marriage as a male-female union over and over again.

When we as a culture abandon that idea and ideal, children suffer, communities suffer, women suffer, and men are dehumanized by being told they aren’t important to the project of family life.


Treating same-sex relationships as marriage is the final severing by government of the natural link between marriage and the great task of bringing together male and female to make and raise the next generation together in love.

Cordileone has previously said that the term gay marriage should be rarely used because it refers to a “natural impossibility” — much like “male breastfeeding.”

Formerly the bishop of Oakland, Cordileone was appointed archbishop by Pope Benedict XVI in 2012.

Cordileone has been one of California’s leading opponents of same-sex marriage, and was the principal architect of Proposition 8, the 2008 voter-approved ban on same-sex marriage.

On August 26, 2012, Cordileone was arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol at a police checkpoint in San Diego, and spent the night in police custody.

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