Out artist Matt Gold’s new video ‘Oh Joe’ navigates friendships, life choices

Out singer-songwriter Matt Gold, profiled by LGBTQ Nation last December, has released a new video from his from his debut album, “Drown Before You Swim.”

For Gold, inspiration is found in key moments from his life’s journey; they tell of growing up in a small town as an only child, of being adopted, the search for identity, and the experience of being abandoned, due to being gay.

“‘Oh, Joe’ is a true story about navigating the ins and outs of a friendship,” says Gold. “The premise of the video is that Joe is continuously making bad decisions for himself and is missing out on what is right in front of him. The viewer is left to wonder if Joe will continue on this path or eventually evolve.”


Drown Before You Swim, Matt Gold’s debut album, is available on iTunes and Amazon.  Matt Gold can be found on his website, on Facebook and on Twitter.

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